What is pre-planning?

Pre-planning is the preparation in advance for a known event or emergency in this case a funeral of a loved one, this is a deliberate way of saving by putting money aside with a trusted body for a defined event. Pre-planning has been in our societies for a long time with such schemes as ‘muno mukabi’.

What plans do we have?

• Individual plans

• Group saving scheme

Who are the parties?

• A-Plus Funeral Management - The leading funeral management company in Uganda that will provide the funeral services as you desire.

• A-Plus Care - The administrator who will prepare your documentation, track your savings by providing regular statements and ensure that services are offered to you as you wish in case of the event occurring

• Grand Micro Insurance (GMi) - part of the A-Plus group - the first Micro Insurance and Savings Company in Uganda regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA Uganda) that is issuing the policy and also the custodian of your savings.

What are the benefits?

• There are no limitations on who you can cover under the scheme,

 No waiting period

 No exclusions

 No limitation on age

 No limitation on who to benefit.

 The account balance if not utilized is carried forward to next year with interest every year which is currently a minimum of 5%.

 The fund is kept under a registered regulated trust

 The fund can act as an initial payment in case of a funeral and credit services can be extended based on the amount of your saving.

Other Saving Schemes

You can also save for

(i) Life

(ii) Medical

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